Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Back from the hospital

We were back at Nanavati ward 4, which is their pediatric ward for the better part of last week. The return was occasioned by a really bad febrile convulsion which saw a rather prolonged tonic clonic one or grand mal as the french term it. With lips turning blue, and no response from the little one for a good time after the convulsion. Its horrible being a mother. Your heart breaks into a million pieces at the sheer agony your child is going through and you can do nothing to ease it. Now we are being weaned off Clobazam gently and being put onto Sodium Valproate or Valparin. Which the more I read about on the net the more it frightens me. Cognitive and behavioural disorders. Ataxia. And more. My pediatrician reassures me that he has to be on medication to control the seizures and every effort will be taken to minimise the side effects, but my heart still panics. My poor beautiful happy baby. Why is this horrible thing happening to him? They say the sins of the parents visit the children. Am wondering what did I ever do to make my child suffer like this. Four hospital stays by 2 and a half. being poked and proded with all the investigations. But then I look at the other children in the hospital and feel that maybe I am blessed. My child is still better off than some of the sad cases I see in there. God bless them and give their parents courage and hope. It is a brave act to be a parent. And perhaps, it is the only way we can repay our own parents for all they have done for us. Selflessly.
BTW, I want to thank Shah Rukh Khan for his donation which has made the Nanavati Pediatric ward the delight it is. A wonderful place to keep children in, it minimises the trauma associated with hospital stay for the child with cheerful and clean interiors, friendly and caring staff --including wardboys and pantry staff and nurses, and a great play area to let kids have fun at any odd time. God bless the man. This is the best pediatric ward in the entire city of Mumbai, ladidah hospitals like Leelavati and Jaslok included.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Missing Thweta didi

This, is the brat and Twetha didi clicked at Inorbit mall and then sketched by a machine that called itself Leonardo. Both mall rats. One two and a half. The second 13, close on 14. The brat had a ball for the one month that his Thweta didi was down. Playing with another kid is so essential for a kid, one didnt actually realise it until one saw it. He was so fascinated by having another non adult in the house that he actually prefered spending time with her than with yours truly. Which was great as it gave one time to breathe. Now at the grandmother's home plenty of other kids to play with through the day consequently one doesnt want to be at home at all....cant blame him.
The wordage has increased to quite a bit, and this includes English and Hindi words, albeit some gibberish still continues. But one has kept heart, and is continuing to work on it. A for Apple has suddenly regressed to all the alphabets till E becoming for Eggie and very stubbornly so. The good news, actually brilliant news is that he has started showing an interest in picture books and responds to questions like who dat? Mamma. This, when Madhuri Dixit is on screen. Just for that brave bit of flattery I forgive him all his sins. BTW, John Abraham on screen is Pappa. As is Sajid Khan. Pappa doesnt know what to think. I encourage him to think of it as John Abraham in the looks department and Sajid Khan in the size department. I dont think the suggestion went down too well.
Brat begins school next month and is not yet toilet trained. The horror the horror. I really dont know how I can solve the situation except make him wear diapers to school and it being so early (he has to leave home by 8 am) wonder how will I ever get him to finish his potty schotty on time, given that he now takes the better part of an hour to get his bowels moving, even post suppository. Ah the problems with this guys potty. And potty training. I get a stomach upset thinking of it.