Wednesday, July 12, 2006

PDD and such like

We had yet another febrile convulsion last week. This hot on the heels of the May episode. Despite being on Valparin. Despite fever being no higher than 100. Am paranoid. Why is this happening to my child? Repeated MRI and EEG. EEG normal. MRI shows enlarged hippocampi. Back again on the autism track, despite me protesting valiantly that my child is not at all autistic. He may be a bit slow developmentally but he is such a friendly loving happy child. He goes up to perfect strangers and asks to be picked up. He sings songs and repeats tunes. He tries hard to make you understand things he wants if he doesnt have the word for them, this this, he says and he points. He knows more than five body parts. He doesnt walk on his toes. Does anyone have an answer? I am tired of fighting with doctors who insist he is autistic.