Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tomorrow is a holiday

The brat came home from school on Monday and announced to all and sundry, as crisp and clear as possible "tomorrow is a holiday". We all fell to the floor in a dazed shock. Coming from a brat who can barely string two words together, this was the equivalent of a linguistic PhD. He followed it up by telling us once again that tomorrow is a holiday. He had a two day holiday which he lived up at his maternal grandmother's place with best friend Sonu, who is on par with him as per linguistic skills. Which is not to say it amounts to much. The other day, a relative came across with a 19 month old daughter who had the equivalent or more understanding and reasoning that the brat had. Sent me into deep depression. But then as the mother put it, the brat has also suffered a lot. He's been to hospital five times for brain seizures. Be thankful that he is relatively okay. I guess I must count my blessings.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Billabong High, or should I say the ex-Billabong High

The brat's school is in the midst of an ugly spat with the providers of the curriculum--namely Kangaroo Kids run by the high profile Lina Ashar who had franchised it to the Kerawalla Foundation. The spat basically boiled over with the reported non issuance of accreditation by ICSE which had reportedly taken objection to the association with Kangaroo Kids for curriculum support. The whole spat is extremely disgusting to witness considering it is our kids going there and the school has morphed into a warzone literally with the parents leaning on either side, and some of us totally at odds as to what we should or should not believe. To me frankly, I believed that the school provided a fun learning experience and had a policy of inclusion which was great for a hyperactive attention deficit brat like mine---I hate labelling him. But one has to be practical. I honestly dont care which way the pendulum swings, but I definitely as a parent want value for my money--especially since I've paid quite a heavy packet as fees.
Wonder what the school will get renamed as now that the Billabong High affiliation has been scrapped, and wonder how the school will evolve as an educational institution...if it remains a plain vanilla ICSE school it would need to see a ratification in the fee structure in order to make it acceptable to parents. Meanwhile the brat is delighted to go to skuuul everyday and say his gumawningteacha. And his verbal skills, attention skills and coordination is improving by leaps and bounds so I have no complaints. I think the teachers are doing a great job if they can get my kid to pay attention--something I have failed at terribly.