Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A New Tag-What Mommyhood Has Taught Me

It's been a while since us Mommybloggers came up with something to celebrate, well, mommyhood, so the lovely Monika and I came up with this. A tag that has us list out five lessons of life that Mommyhood has taught us, these could be sweet, bitter, funny, touching, whatever. These could be survival tips or cooking tips, or something as simple as the best thing to get puke smell out of hair.
So, the rules are simple. Put the badge up. Write out five lessons that Mommyhood taught you. And tag five mommybloggers. Without further ado, here are mine five.
1] The human body can survive on months of a maximum of maybe two hours of sleep at a stretch per night. Yes. The brat was a terrible sleeper, and didnt begin sleeping through the night until he was maybe two and a half. Every couple of hours, he would bawl like a two hourly alarm and needed a bottle of formula mixed and shoved into his mouth to get him to settle again, until of course, he decided to poop and needed cleaning up and such joy. Or later, when night toilet training begin and I had to haul him off to the loo every couple of hours to prevent er, accidents. The human body can survive without sleep. I'm not even beginning to talk about how good I got at falling off to sleep in public transport.
2] I have more strength than I thought I did. I can take almost anything that happens now and be unfazed by it all. Only call me if you see blood is my standard dialogue now to the brat. "Dhairya" is what the exact word would be if I could get the essence translated into English. After seeing the brat through five febrile convulsions, one in which his eyes rolled back and his skin and nails turned blue, through years of such bad constipation that hospitalisation was required, of an autism spectrum diagnosis, I know now that I have infinite more reserves of strength than I had ever imagined I could have had. Not to mention the physical strength required to pick up a rolling on the floor, tantrumming 25 kg brat and deposit him in quarantined time out zone.
3] There are more than 24 hours in a day: A mother is elastic, she can manage to fit in everything, school, classes, homework, her own work if she works out of the house, running a house, managing staff, everything, with finesse and without a sense of entitlement to gratitude.
4] Not to be judgemental. I've come across moms who are so quick to judge, quick to dispense advice, quick to assume that their way of parenting is the best way and we would be so honoured if they decided to impart some gyaan to us. I've had moms put me down as a lazy parent because my son went for tuitions from the pre primary. I've been judged because my son didn't go for multiple classes, of being not an involved mom. I had other priorities. Similarly other mother's might have other reasons for doing what they do, or bringing up their children the way they do.  To each their own.

5] Compassion. Mommyhood has taught me compassion. To understand another's troubles, to feel for another mommy going through a tough time, knowing what it feels like to have a young child waiting at home, what it means to have a sick child, who is feverish all night, what it means to be worried for your child's grades, what is means to be tired and have absolutely no me time because you are so caught up every second of the day, even down to the five minutes you have a bath when your child is young. Compassion for other moms. Compassion for my own mom, who has raised me against all odds.

And most of all, and I go into a sixth point, Mommyhood has taught me how to live with my heart walking around outside my body. Mommyhood has taught me that I can totally stop thinking about myself and only think about my child and his well being in an emergency situation, making me walk barefooted through chest deep floods infested with dead carcasses of buffalos from the inundated tabelas, post the Mumbai deluge only worried about getting home to be with my baby. Mommyhood has taught me that my life is no longer just my own. Now I need to live for another.

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  1. Ah, enthu aneela has already done her homework.

    Re: the judgmental mommies remember this:

    and we had been tagged some time before about the five things we love about mommyhood, so this blast from the blog past:

  2. Lazy Aneela, go do your homework, these are five lessons mommyhood has taught you and not five things you love about mommyhood, so there. ;p

  3. arey behen question paper reset karney se bhi I can appear with this entry.

  4. but i thought we already did something like this.. now I have no idea how to hunt it down in between all the url shifting. shall do it anew

  5. that compassion thing is so true

    here i did mine

    and mm I tagged u too :D

  6. haina MM, I just said the same thing to her and she got back with a "these are five lessons mommyhood has taught you and not five things you love about mommyhood". As if!!
    Lets form our own group and block her from the Love Jihad community

  7. Those are really good.

    For me the one other I could add would be that our future lies in our kids.
    Everyday we need to strive to better ourdselvesand provide experiences for the children.

    The world is changing so fast, it doesn't matter if you are in India or here in Cairns, Australia- everyday brings a new wonder.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  8. MM: So do a new one na?

    Mons: Thanks, will go check.

    Aneela: Wont send you the Vague Woman book hmmph if you block me!

    Jill: Absolutely agree!

  9. At last, wrote the post. Thanks K for tagging me. Heres the link:

  10. Swetha12:01 AM

    I tagged myself....

    Been a regular reader of your blog, and found this interesting.