Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chalk and Chuckles games for kids

I was introduced to Chalk and Chuckles at my Fleximoms event at Asia 7 Delhi, where they handed out game goody bags to all the moms present. My goody bag was gifted to Aneela's delectable son, Arhaan, because a) he really was loving it and had already gotten started with one of the games right at the venue itself and b)the brat is a little old now for the games I had received. .

But they were interesting games. Games that thought out of the box and were very different from what is currently out there in the market.

I cut paste the release from the company about their games, because, I do know as parents, we are all searching for stuff that goes beyond the standard and engages the child physically and imaginatively.

Chalk and Chuckles
You are what you play
A board game becomes a day in the jungle, fraught with adventures for hours of family fun; a funky ball becomes an opportunity for learning favourite nursery rhymes or simple counting, while an adorable monkey helps a child create a gamut of emotions using his imagination and creativity.
Ages: Two years plus, while some games can also be played by older children and adults
Toys and Boards Games: Choose from 14 exciting toys and board games of different kinds
Price Range: Rs. 199/ to Rs. 899/-
Available at:
Mumbai: Citizen Collection, Magic Carpet, Sayonara,, Kids Care
Delhi: Gift Palace, Khan Market, Maya Store, Spell and Bound at Saket and Safdarjung
Chalk and Chuckles, the brainchild of entrepreneurial sisters, Pallavi and Prachi Agarwal offers toys and board games which give children an opportunity to imagine, create, discover and explore even as they play. These games hearken to an era when childhood was filled with wonder and games became adventures embarked upon by the entire family to discover a new word, or a new skill. Each game has been conceptualized as a developmental and educational tool which helps children learn valuable skills through free play. Chalk and Chuckles offers games which concentrate on a child’s physical and cognitive skills, while also taking into account the crucial need for social and emotional development. All four of these domains are involved by the brand to create play opportunities and environments in which children thrive. Each game comes with a permutation and combination of skills, ranging from socio-emotional skills, motor skills, language skills, logic and mathematical skills, to creativity, even as children get to hone on their memory, visual-spatial skills, and analytical abilities.  
Extensive research has been put in by the Chalk and Chuckles team to create toys and games which engage children, nurture their playfulness and offer families a great bonding experience. Ideas evolve through production and one concept can take months to come to fruition. The toys and board games are handcrafted at the Chalk and Chuckles manufacturing unit, and then go through testing through focus groups involving parents and children before it goes to retail outlets.

Encouraging Family Time:
The toys and games at Chalk and Chuckles appeal to ‘all minds’, offering fun, family games for older children and adults as well. The inherent belief of the brand is that ‘While children want and need to play alone, they still want and need adult supervision, attention, and admiration’. The products thus lay a high emphasis on parental involvement and family fun. A great hidden secret of play is that it fosters maturation of the brain, allowing children to exert control over attention, to regulate emotions, to control behavior and promote cognitive development.
Eco care:
Quality is of paramount importance to the brand. The games and toys are built to last for years of great entertainment. All products are safe and tested to (British and European) safety standards for healthy play and healthy environment. The products are handcrafted in low formaldehyde MDF (Class E1). Toys and board games are printed with soy-based ink and use phthalate-free lamination on recycled paper. All coatings and paints are non toxic lead free. These toys are gentle on the environment and for the little one as well. No batteries, or electricity chargers make these toys completely green and eco-friendly as well.
Chalk and Chuckles, the beginning:
Chalk and Chuckles was founded in 2009 with a mission to provide kids playful learning tools that enable them to develop creativity, confidence and responsibility all while having fun! The products are inspired by the latest research in child development and the team consists of professionals in the area of child development, product design and most importantly people who love kids and know them!!!
Meet the team
The Chalk and Chuckles family is close-knit and supportive. Founders Prachi and Pallavi are passionate about their work and take pride in creating products that have a positive impact on the world. The most important members are the children and adults who help to create and test the products.
Pallavi Agarwal, an entrepreneur with a background in finance (University of Nottingham), embodies the tagline ‘You are what you play’ which mirrors her own playfulness, joy for learning and creative pursuit. “My mission is to create high quality educational tools with outstanding play value. Our toys can be played in many ways; they allow self-expression and encourage happy talent. Each of our toys adapt to the child's individual style, ability, and pace.”
Prachi Agarwal, a Psychologist with training and background in Education (Harvard Graduate School of Education) is focused on redefining play. She explains, “We believe play is a fundamental aspect of a child's education, both in the way they learn about the world around them and the means by which they acquire skills and capacities across the spectrum of various human intelligences. Our product range provides a rich, stimulating and nurturing environment and respects each child’s unique neural wiring and inspiration.”

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