Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mamma, go to sleep in my room

Mamma has been travelling. A lot. And in the past week, she was out for more than she has ever been in the brat's entire life. Almost an entire week. The brat has been well taken care of by the grandmothers and the pater, but mamma would have liked to believe that she was missed. It didn't seem so. Everytime she called, the brat was too busy to speak with her. He was either playing. Or eating his food. Or watching television. Or playing Playstation. Mamma mopped up her tears and consoled herself that he was growing up and didn't need her around as much as she would have flattered herself.
She came back from her first trip and the pater was there to receive her at the airport, the brat, she was told, had informed his father that he was Very Busy Playing. The second trip she returned from, the brat was in the car, wearing a faded home tshirt and a pair of pjs that ended somewhere near his calves and which he had long outgrown. He gave her the mandatory hug and looked at her bag wondering what she could have got for him. Having learnt that the bag contained no goodies (it being a Sunday in Chandigarh and therefore, she had been informed that the markets would be closed) he quickly lost all interest and continued gabbing with his father.
They reached home and he happily ingested his dinner and trotted off to his grandmother's bedroom, currently being shared by nanna, who was babysitting him in mamma's absence. Mamma picked up pieces of her broken heart at the less than enthusiastic reception and cellotaped it back together and shut her door. After five minutes, there was a knock at the door. The brat voice piped up. "Mamma, open the door."
Mamma reluctantly heaved her carcass out of the bed. "Yes, love, what is it?"
The brat pulls her by the hand. "I wantu talk something personal with you."
Mamma, furrowed brow, follows him. "What is it?"
"Mamma, can you sleep wid me in my room?"
"Why, love?" Mamma asked. "You are sleeping with nana, aren't you?"
"No, tuday sleep wid me in my room. Let pappa sleep alone. He's a big boy now."


  1. i love 'he is a big boy;.

    You are sure loved by your Brat Kiran. all the more now that you a re a celebrity and he can brag about it :)

  2. Anonymous12:24 PM

    HE is a sweet heart

    Warm wishes


  3. Awww, that is one sweet and memorable 'Mom-son' moment. These moments are so priceless.

  4. Thanks all, sorry I've been slack on replying to comments.