Monday, July 30, 2012

Of Good Behaviour and God will reward you...

The brat yesterday, returned home a strange light glowing in his eyes. He took the bag I was carrying from me, without me having to first request and then insist firmly that he do so. He reached home and emptied his bag of his infinite tiffin boxes without being told to do so. Put away his clothes. Came into the kitchen put his food into the oven, heated it, served himself and took himself and plate into the room to eat. I had to prop my jaw back into place with a ladle.
"Brat..." I went into the room, all red in the arm from having pinched myself umpteen times to check if I wasn't in some dream.
"Yes, Mamma," he replied.
"What's with all the good behaviour?" I can't help it, part of me knew I shouldn't mention it, I might jinx it, but being The LoudMouth of The Decade is not a title that I won by keeping silent.
"I'm being a Good Boy," he replied, without further elaboration and got back to shovelling in the nutrition into his gullet and chewing determinedly without making a sound as had been instructed one million times in the past but never quite acted upon.
"And pray, why is it that you are going to be a good boy?" I asked in reply.
"Because if you are a Good Child and you help people then God will give you what you wish for," he answered. I opened my mouth and shut it quickly. I have my issues with this quid pro quo bargain concept we have with God but I thought this was not the time to shoot a gift horse in the leg and have him return to whining and tantrumming on a loop.
"And what is it that you have wished for?" I asked gently, hoping that it was something reasonable and within debit card levels of procurement and not a sibling or a pony or any pet of any sorts.
"I want a Randy Orton action figure," he replied matter of factly. "Will God give it to me tomorrow if I behave well today."
"Ermm. No, I think you need many more days of being good before God answers prayers, at least a couple of weeks."
His face crumpled into a frown. "This is very boreding then. I don want Randy Orton action figure. Two weeks is too long to be a Good Child."


  1. You should have a like button here. This is too cute!

  2. Hilarious. He's a dear.

  3. haha...reallly funny. :) you are in your element since the past few weeks. loving your posts. :)

  4. How cute of the kiddo!! :)
    I remember trying to be a 'good kid' way back when I was around 5 years of age :D My mom keeps saying that I behaved too good to be true cause I wanted an ELDER BROTHER! :D
    Thanks for bringing back memories of my childhood! :)

    And a new follower here! :)