Sunday, August 05, 2012

Happy Friendship Day to you too.

The brat woke up yesterday morning and pipped up, Mamma, tuday is frenship day? Yes, I assured him it was. He ran to the intercom and called up around one dozen of his pintsizes wishing them all a Happy Friendship Day, arm twisted them into assuring him he was their first best friend and pleased with a morning's work well done, he got into the Sunday morning, milk, breakfast, homework routine. Then we had a couple of birthday parties to attend, the first being at a suburban mall playzone.
When we staggered out from the playzone birthday party, the migraine demons in Mamma's head doing the shimmy on her eyeballs, the brat was a little morose. He was casting fervent eyes at all the kids around brandishing what looked like enough rubberband power on their wrists to keep Chewbacca immaculately groomed and plaited.
"Mamma," he said, his voice, normally enough to pierce eardrums at 50 paces, now soft and muted. "No one gave me a Frenship band. Not even a gurl. No one is my true fren."
Mamma's heart wrenched into obscene yogic contortions."Don't worry," she tried explaining to him. "Friendship is not all about friendship bands. Real friendship is that friendship which doesn't need a friendship band."
He didn't quite appreciate her philosophy and mopped away a stray tear with the back of his hand. "Come son, I'll buy you a friendship band," Mamma said.
He rejected it soundly. "You're not my friend. You're my mamma."
The rest of the day passed uneventfully and he went down to the park to play in the evening. When he returned home his arms till his elbows were wreathed in friendship bands of all hues and textures and he was beaming so widely, I feared his jaw would dislocate.
"Lookit my hans, Mamma," he chirped. "I got so many frenship bands. I gave some away also."
"I have so many frens. I am a boy wid many frens. I am a frenly boy."
Errm, yes, okay.
"I am everybody's besht fren. I am the most fren person in the complex."
Yes, child, I get your point, now cap the gloating, I said in not so many unkind words.
"Do I ged a prize fer having mosht number of frens."
Ah well, I guess it was worth a shot.



    He's got me wiping away a tear or two with the back of my hand as well :-)

    My heart sank at his first observation too, but I knew the evening outing would have him singing a different tune :-)

    As for his prize? Well, can you blame him for trying? ;-p

  2. I really enjoyed your blog. i have a nephew who's 7 mnths old.
    i'd like to share his video with you. this is the link
    Its kind of funny.
    i wish you and your baby good luck. take care. like to hear from you more.