Saturday, August 04, 2012

Mint Lounge: The rise of the techno mom

A new survey reveals surprising truths about the strategizing, information-toting, tech-savvy urban mother
In the years since liberalization, Mother India has reinvented herself. “We are seeing a marked change from conservative, gatekeeper, victim of circumstances, burdened with the responsibility of the family, to smart strategist, game changer and family visionary,” says Jitender Dabas, executive vice-president and head of strategic planning, McCann India.
McCann Truth Central, the in-house research facility of the McCann Erickson advertising agency worldwide, launched in July and has just published its first survey, The Truth About Moms. The survey, conducted online, spanned 6,800 mothers in 40 focus groups across the UK, US, China, Mexico, Japan, Brazil and Italy apart from India. Surveyors also processed qualitative reports about mothers from 12 markets, including Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.
“Mothers have always been a key target for advertisers but the role of women in society is changing, and therefore so is the role of a mother. We needed to examine the scope of their influence, how they take to technology, their economic independence, etc. What we found was that moms today consciously use the Internet, direct information and exist in co-dependent systems where they share the knowledge they gain with each other. Technology aids that process,” says Dabas.
Author Kiran Manral, mom to a nine-year-old, is a blogger and tweeter. “I use the Internet in the same way that one used to head to a book store. You can research anything from developmental stages to behavioural problems. I know a lot of moms reach out to each other on online parenting communities. Through my own blogging, I have shared the developmental issues my son faced and bonded with other moms facing similar problems, so in that sense yes, there is a sisterhood of sorts.”

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