Sunday, September 02, 2012

A Ramayana Children's Book app for the iPad

In August, I received a mail from Shipra, whom I don't know personally, which said this:
" I am a mother of 2 elementary schools kids and have worked as Autism specialist all my life before  I quit my job 6 months to pursue my passion which is to make our stories, folk tales etc  from India available to kids all over the world."

Having grown up on a steady diet of Amar Chitra Kathas, I do miss the beauty of myth and epics being told to our child in a way they are comfortable with, god knows I have tried getting the brat to read the Amar Chitra Kathas and watch the animated movies which occasionally come out with Hindu mythology and folk tales as their themes, but he is still far behind in being as informed on mythology as I was at his age. Dammit, I had two towers of Amar Chitra Kathas that were taller than me, and when you think that each one is as slim as you can get, you can imagine how huge my collection was. Unfortunately, I gave them all away when I turned a teenager, and regret that today.  So this mail intrigued me, and as always this is something I think most of us parents would be keen to check out.

I asked Shipra to write about it and here's a guest post from her.

"It all began with my son’s Diwali project last year. As I tried looking for the story regarding the significance of the festival and how it originated from our Hindu epic Ramayana, I realized that I could not find anything that could help relate the incidents to a class of students who belonged to different cultural backgrounds and ethnicity.

Left with no other option, I decided to write my own version which I could share with the children. A few days later, my elder son showed me the story of Peter Pan on his iPad. He asked, “Mom, why don’t you write that Ram story like this? “

This was the catalyst that led to the search for ideas and means to create my first iPad Application, “Ramayana Children’s Book”
With a background in special education and the  much needed confidence and inspiration, I began exploring the process of creating applications compatible to an iPad. This lead to building up my own team of professionals  who shared the same ideology.

The final app took about nine months from start to finish. Children could read Ramayana in either Hindi or English. Also, there were three options provided in each language, namely, “Read Myself”, “Read To Me” and “Auto Play”. The intention was not just to create a story, but also to make it interactive with puzzles,index and pages to color. This would help the child understand and also enjoy the story better, keeping them hooked till the very end.

But I was not satisfied with just this. The entire method felt so addictive now that I wanted to create more such stories. This led to the launch of The  aim is to bring the wonderful world of stories and tales with morals that seem to have vanished from the lives of children today to their doorsteps.. With this mission in mind, the process goes on. The next story coming up is titled, “Fearless Frogs: A Lesson Of Hope” in September which will be compatible with all versions of Ipad and ipod followed by story of Buddha and Arjun and many more."

Shipra Mittal
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