Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ganapati Dance

The brat is part of a troupe that has been rehearsing frantically for a dance performance in the society come this Ganapati. This has included hiring the services of a choreographer for a fee, letting one's home be used as practice hall on alternate sessions and best of all, watching as the choreographer manages to make sense and order from the chaos of five under tens with little dance skill and much fighting skills.
The choreographer has carefully put together a medley of a few songs, old and new, from Bollywood and the kids dance to it with much enthusiasm and very bad coordination. Bumping into each other, yelling at each other and finally managing to get the steps in order, they had some semblance of a performance in place. If I had a grouse with anything, it was that the songs chosen had nothing to do with the elephant headed god, never mind that Bollywood had done enough songs in his honour to have a long playlist to choose from. But, not being a music person or a dance person, I held my opinion and chose instead to focus on the dance and how the brat was doing. What I noticed immediately was that he was the only child in the group of five who was smiling while going through his steps, whether the smile was brought on by him figuring out in his head how to tread on the toes of the hapless one next to him in sequence, I don't know, but it made him the most endearing of the bunch, never mind that I am a biased mom.
And that some of the kids moved naturally and the others didn't, no matter how hard they struggled, there is definitely something called innate grace that shows in one's movements. The brat had it. One other child had it. They moved like the music flowed through them, in their movements one could see that the good Lord had ladled out grace of movement by the bucketfulls when they were being made. The other three moved grimly, with much effort and with the kind of expression one has when being forced, with gun in the small of back to do things one doesn't want to.
The brat and his friends perform on Saturday. The mommies are hectically deciding what costume they will wear. The brat has declaimed loudly to all who will listen that he will wear track pants and tshirt because he cannot dance in tight pants. I need to convince him that dancing in tight pants is a mandatory skill if he wants to make it in Bollywood, given that his grades will not lead him to a professional qualification. Let's hope it works. Or he might just end up on stage in his night suit.


  1. It reminds me of how Madhuri Dixit was the only one smiling and moving naturally in Oye Oye song in Tridev. The brat is going to be a superstar for sure one day.

  2. Hahaha!! He'll be grabbing eyeballs and garnering standing ovations no matter what he wears :-)

    Hope to see him in action one day :-)

  3. He's a natural, that boy!

  4. You didn't like my comment? Did you reject it?

  5. No Sonia, I hadn't come to moderate comments here for a while.

    That he is Dipali.

    B, you are an indulgent aunt, that's what you are.