Monday, September 10, 2012

Here's to the wonderful sisterhood of mommy bloggers!

On Sunday, the Hindustan Times Delhi and Kolkata edition carried a lovely article on mommy blogging and how it is a fading phenomenon. Thank you, Manjula Narayan for the article, it really had me wondering whether we really are a dying species.
I was quoted in the article, along with Sunayana Roy, Riti Kaunteya, The Mad Momma and Lalita Iyer. Here it is for those of you who might care to read it.
Sunayana wrote a wonderful post in response to the HT article and it got me all nostalgic about the hey day of the mommy blogging phenomenon and the wonderful times we had bonding over that incredible shower group, and the mommybloggers we've fallen out of touch with, those who are still friends via Facebook and Twitter despite the fact that they barely blog anymore.
It also got me nostalgic about when I started blogging, and my decision to hive off my blogs into two separate ones, the personal and the mommy one, because, even at that point I knew that I would want to write fluff about clothes and make up and such like which might not strike a chord with those who would want to come to read about parenting and how I was channeling a banshee around five times a day.
I started blogging about the brat because I wanted to maintain an online diary of sorts to note down his milestones, anecdotes and such like, because given the sieve memory I have, I was sure to forget most of it before he got into long pants. And sure enough I have. Occasionally I go back to the early blogposts and pore over them in a bid to catch the elusive charm of those early days, the travails, the pride, the anguish, it has been a rollercoaster ride. And with me through this entire ride has been a sisterhood of sorts, other mommybloggers who came here as readers and commenters and with whom one began interacting and soon became friends. Hugs to all of you, you know who you are.
The mommy blogging community has been symbiotic, support has been given without qualms, love and affection too. The children who have fuelled this mommy blogging phenomenon have become OUR children, if you know what I mean, one follows each of them with a kind of vicarious pride and sees them grow over posts and photographs with our eyes welling up.
The brat has been blessed too, through this blog he's received superhero costumes, books, CDs, toys, chocolates and most of all, love from so many wonderful moms across the world who consider him one of their own. He doesn't quite understand it yet, he takes it for granted that he is loved.
How has mommy blogging affected me? To start with, it has made me a little more sensitive and a little less judgmental. It has made me supportive. It has helped me reach out to so many mothers worried with issues their children might have, I still receive mails from mothers asking for advice on children who have been diagnosed with LD or Autism Spectrum. I try my best to answer as much as in detail as I can.
The mommy blogging network also came together for two wonderful initiatives I was proud to be part of, the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Months, April 2011 and 2012 and the Violence Against Women Awareness Months Oct 2011 and Oct 2012 coming up.
Is the mommy blogging phenomenon fading? I really don't know. Blogging by itself is fading. The fade is not exclusive to mommy blogging. But I am grateful for the wonderful friends I have made through my blog, and to the many people who read and comment and mail in. Thank you so much for being part of my journey in this space.


  1. Lovely post, but is blogging fading? I dont feel so ...

  2. Well, I'm still around. Still lurking. That hasn't changed. :D

    Actually, the word verification says "u linger". o_O

  3. I am still around most of you on the reader and watch my favorite kids grow via FB!
    Love my mommy-blogger gals!

  4. Still around, still lurking... that is a nice blogpost, Lady K.

  5. I guess as the article said...the kids have grown up so there are lesser milestones to write about...or maybe we got busy living our lives :-) I do hope blogging does not fade away though and a newer generation of moms take over!

  6. Blogging was a phenomenon that had its peak and while not completely down and out, is now being replaced with other social media tools. 'Tis the way of the Internets.

    I was never a mommy blogger (but obviously) but even I could see the bond and camaraderie shared across web space and am so glad to call so many of you wonderful ladies friends. Pity that if and when my time for motherhood comes, I won't benefit from such support. :)