Monday, October 15, 2012

Kaun Banega Crorepati and the brat

The brat has been, for the past many days, watching Kaun Banega Crorepati with his grandmother, an exercise I encourage wholeheartedly. With other viewing options including abominations like Shin Chan and WWE wrestling, Kaun Banega Crorepati was definitely a preferable exercise and I hoped his grey cells, direly in need of exercise would get some flexing. I, of course, rarely sat with them, preferring instead, to use that time to catch up on my reading, as much as could be caught up with in the hour or so before bedtime.
Last night, I heard Mr Bachchan welcome Karan Johar and his star cast of Student of The Year. I trotted in and informed my mother in law that the girl in the red dress and sullen expression was Alia Bhatt, Mahesh Bhatt's younger daughter, and then the brat decided to have my jaw line hit the floor. The first question. Something I didn't quite get. Momos, momos, he piped up loudly. Bingo. Sahi jawab. His grandmother was surprised, How did you know? I learnt it, he replied. This was followed by a few more questions to which he piped up with the right answer, which included a question on which company sold the most passenger cars in India. And a question on who won Miss World 2012. "China, China," he piped up.
This is a boy who does not read the newspapers, and only catches the news if he happens to be in the room with me when I am watching it.
Saying I was impressed would be saying that Dronacharya thought that Arjun was getting on well with his bow and arrow practice. I was astounded. I was flabbergasted. I was chest puffed out, okay cancel that, it does not make for good imagery. "Brat!" I squealed, "How do you know all this?"
He smiled, the little half smile he has when he knows he has impressed the foundation garments off all those in the immediate vicinity. "I jus know."
If I could do the circling around face and cracking of knuckles I would have, but I contented myself with a milder version of demonstrating my happiness by smothering him with kisses and having him wipe his face disgustedly with the back of his palm.
Then a niggling thought crossed my mind. Is the standard of KBC so terribly easy that questions meant for the star cast of a film can easily be answered by a nine year old complete non book worm, or is my boy, despite his aversion towards books and reading, gathering along enough general knowledge to see him through? I'd like to think it is the latter. I'd like to flatter myself it is the latter. After all, he is the son of one who loved quizzing.


  1. Dont be surprised .Grasping power of kids are amazing.Probably comes from their curiosity about everything.

  2. It definitely is latter. He is a smart boy.