Thursday, October 04, 2012

Of doorbell ringing and such misdemenours

Last evening the intercome rang and a rather het up female voice demanded to know if I was the brat's mother. I acknowledged I was the hapless one. She paused for breath and launched into a long diatribe about how her doorbell had been the victim of ringing during untimely hours like the midday nap and the evening dinner hour and how, right now, this very second, she had kept watch at the door with eye to peephole to nab the culprits, who sneaked up, rang the bell and were about to scamper off, chortling merrily not knowing that their game was up. The culprits in question, as you might deduce, with no Sherlock-ean skills required, were the brat and pintsized friend.
I apologised profusely and promised to give the brat a stern talking to when he reached home. And he did. A little while later, he rang the bell and skipped in through the door, with absolutely no expression to indicate his ear had been metaphorically twisted a few floors below us.
"Errm. Brat, I just received a call from the lady from 1202."
His eyes quickly took on the expression of a trapped animal.
"Wot. I dint do anything. J rang the bell. I wuz only standing vit him."
I rattled off a long speech about how it was inconsiderate and rude and ill behaved to do so, and extracted from him a solemn promise on all that is holy, including the solemnest of all promises he can make, namely the "Mudderpromiss" which he avoids making at all costs, that he would cease and desist from such activity in the future.
"Okay. I won't ring the bell and run away. I'll be a well behaved boy."
I give him a week until he returns back to form. 
He was fed and tucked into bed. Post which a decision was taken jointly between the pater and me, to never reveal, on the pain of no fried unhealthy food, that we had done our share of doorbell ringing and vamoosing in our time. You know. Wouldn't do to put those feet of clay up on display.


  1. First time here, you have a beautiful mama blog, heartfelt, and I love the ramblings! lol...

  2. He he! I am going to send this post to him pronto. "Dear chile, continue your bell-ringing escapades and show your parents this post when they complain".

  3. Lol! He'll read this blog someday, you know. ;)

  4. LOL.. Even I have done it.. hope the lady is really annoying whose door bell the brats ring

  5. Padhma12:30 AM

    Hahaha!! This is a common problem we parents need to face with brats at home. I have to receive atleast 2 calls per day or something is wrong. I was having a hard time getting my brat to listen to me when I came across this article on easy tips to child discipline.

  6. naani and daadi, on hearing this, would be happy that you guys hd to experience wt u made them go through :)