Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So the brat turned nine and I wonder whether I should shut this blog...

The brat turned nine over the weekend. Like all birthdays, this was a milestone of sorts. For the first time we had the humblest party ever, but one that was the most fun. To start with, the brat was completely involved in organising his own party, down to colouring John Cena printouts to be stuck onto the wall, to lend the party more atmosphere. Did I mention it was a WWE themed party? One with a John Cena cake that he selected the image for, and a very limited guest list, him being understanding child and agreeing to a bigger bash next year when he turned ten. This year, he opted to have just four friends from the building complex as part of his party. He coloured the invitation cards, wrote them out, wrote the names of the invitees on the envelope, decided the dress code for the party (John Cena's costume, in the event you were curious), and the party games. Yes, the brat actually sat himself down, grabbed a pencil and paper, and wrote out an entire Kaun Banega Crorepati style quiz episode based on--what else--WWE. Me, I was just so astounded to see him writing without whining, without "Now my handispaining," and such like, I nearly fractured my jaw from it hitting the floor. He chose what he would wear for his birthday party, John Cena length denim bermudas, a black John Cena Hustle Loyalty Respect tee shirt and a matching cap. And when the rest of his invitees trouped in, they could have been part of a dance troupe, all in similar gear. What also upped the ante, was the surprise arrival of his buas, one all the way from Haldwani in Uttarakhand and the other from Bangalore and they kindly took charge of the decorations and the menu for the evening.
The party was fun, and more importantly, given that the adults outnumbered the kids, it was very manageable. The kids behaved themselves, played their games, claimed their prizes, didn't get into any fisticuffs, no hurling of epithets and ate seated at the table, without messing up each others plates. And because I hadn't put up balloons and the streamers were out of reach, there wasn't any flotsam jetsam of the aftermath of the party on the floor.
Which brings me to something I've been debating with for a while. The child is nine. I've been blogging about him since he was a toddler. He's been much loved in the blogosphere and now that he is older, not so sure about the wiser, I am wondering whether it is time this blog shuts down. My primary concern being that he is now able to read and comment on what is being written about him, this does become an infringement of his privacy of sorts. An option is to keep this blog neutral and post generic parenting experiences but then that wouldn't be fun without the brat. I might take a couple of days to grapple with this. Any opinions would be welcome.


  1. I am just going to be very selfish and plead you not to!

  2. I see your point but I will miss the blog should you shut it down or even just stop posting any more.

  3. I really do love reading about the blog..but i think you should shut it down..

    brat should have his privacy.

  4. I love reading your posts Kiran. While I understand the possibility of your now grown up little boy reading the blog is a concern, I think he would be amused rather than upset by the entries :). Why don't you revisit this at his 10th birthday ?

  5. Hi Krish - a very happy birthday to you.

    Hi Kiran, my two cents :

    Maybe if you can publish only the positives of the brat and draft the rest of feeling downer posts, i think it would be great to keep the blog going. Does he know about the blog ?

    Also he might rebel now, in his teens and twenties, but come thirty and having kids of his own, he is going to visit this blog so much more to gain wisdom and insight into his own childhood.

    And come our age, we all love being written about, talked about and discussed but only in a positive way, so he is going to love the comments, only if they are positive.

    And you are leaving him a legacy. He might pick up writing, you have kept us laughing so much, i think you should not shut the blog, as you are shutting a part of yourself. You have kept this up so long, it is a part of you and a part of Brat, a legacy no money can buy.

  6. oh no!.. don't shut it..generic parenting experiences would be great to read!!

  7. Anonymous2:15 AM

    The brat already lives in the Facebook and twitter generation and so I doubt will really mind that u natter o lovingly about him. The stuff that is borderline nasty in some way u coud discuss with him and yor conscience and then write or not. He will enjoy it I think if he gets a say in the whole matter. Howaboutit?

    I Love, love reding about brat and his bratdom so hope u keep it going. All of us who read u only send him good duas so not to worry about Nazareth etc too.


  8. Happy birthday mommy.. How about posting onebor two little cute thing he does/says for the benefit of his fans?