Thursday, November 01, 2012

Bye bye tooth fairy, so long Santa Claus

The brat lost a tooth yesterday. Not just any tooth, but a molar. It had been shaky for a while and he had been spending the better part of the day pushing it around with his tongue and complaining about how it impaired his facility with eating complicated stuff quickly. Finally, circa dinner time, we got down to the task of pulling the tooth out, since it was, as the metaphor goes, hanging by a thread.
The brat didn't let me touch said shaky tooth and did the honours himself. I was rather proud of him as he yanked it free, rinsed his mouth of the blood and was calm and collected about the removal of the tooth in question. This is the kind of stoicness that comes from repeated viewing of Rambo, especially scenes where John Rambo stitches up lacerations on his own and without medication in the thick of the tropical jungle. Without sterilised needle and surgical thread.
He handed me the tooth without much ado and sauntered off to do his watch the Doraemon routine while eating dinner. I shoved his tooth under his pillow surreptiously and in the morning, while he was asleep, I pushed in some notes under the pillow in question.
He woke up when woken, it was a school day. "Brat," I trilled, "Have you checked under your pillow, maybe the tooth fairy has left you something?"
He checked under the pillow disinterestedly, found the notes and narrowed his gaze at me. "Did you keep this under my pillow or did pappa?"
I crossed my heart and swore on all that's holy that it was the toothfairy. He sat me down calmly like one might sit a person of limited mental faculties. "Mamma, I'm grown up now. I know there is no tooth fairy, there is no Santa Claus. And there is no Gotham City.
It took me a moment to digest this news. The boy was now nine. I had to stop thinking of him as four. Yes, he was all growed up. Maybe, it is time for me to grow up too. 


  1. What?!! It's only a single digit age yet. :( Isn't there a clause somewhere that they need to stay believers for a while? We all need to just stop and stay right where we are. This growing up business happens way too quickly in my opinion.

  2. I am still enjoying the phase of the children coming to sleep with us in the middle of the night. It is always a pleasure to go around checking which kid is sleeping in which room in the morning. Love this phase and enjoying it till the they grow out of it;( Hanging by the thread !!