Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Of Mommies and Kiddies and Snow and earthquakes

The other day, the kind people at Phoenix Market City at Kurla invited me to bring along a few friends to experience their mall. With their children. Honestly, given that I am such a stick in the mud about travelling anywhere beyond Andheri, the word Kurla had me groaning into my chin. But then there were many friends I did want to catch up with, and this seemed like a good opportunity to get together. And so it came to pass, that five friends and I agreed to meet up for lunch at Cafe Royal in Phoenix Market City, Kurla and post lunch, the folks at PMC had some treats in store for the kids.

So there we were, me with the brat, two school gate mom friends, with their two boys and two girls each and two blogger pals with their children. The first thing that got the brat's attention was the superhero wall at Cafe Royal.
The other boys as they came in, had a field time identifying all the superheroes on the wall, and interestingly none of them could identify Mr India. While us mommies opted for the fabulous sizzlers on offer, well it would be blasphemy to go to Cafe Royal and not partake of the sizzlers, the kids stuck to pasta and spaghetti and pizza, with the brat opting for Chicken Quesilladas because he was in the mood to try some Mexican cuisine. We topped it off with a Brownie with Vanilla Icecream and hot chocolate sauce. I would say, if there would be one thing, apart from the other attractions of the mall that would draw me back to Phoenix Mall, it would be the Chicken Shashlik sizzler at Cafe Royal. For that alone I would make the trek to Kurla in peak Mumbai traffic. Of course, given the portions, I would starve self for a day before taking fork and knife to it. My greatest regret is that I couldn't finish it.
Post lunch, we trotted off to 5D Storm where, we were promised a 5D tsunami experience. We buckled ourselves in, put on the 3d glasses provided and got ready for the film. Let me say diplomatically that it was with great amount of self restraint that I refrained from squealing in fear as the chairs lurched around in semblance of an earthquake or the blasts of air on the feet like infinite rats running over them actually got me to squeal out loud or how one brave brat voice piped up loud and clear amongst all the horrified gasps and squeals as the show progressed, "Main toh darr hi nahin raha hoon."
We emerged shaken from 5D and trotted on to Snow World. Now me being a person who was probably a reptile in a previous life, the cold doesn't quite suit me, so I decided to sit this one out, but the kids and the other mommies went inside. Here are some pictures. The brat did snowball throwing and iceskating, and the next time he squeals about wanting to see snow, well this is cheaper than a ticket to Himachal or Kashmir.
Here are some pics of the fun the kids had in Snow World, and I hear it is huge. Remember to make the kids wear trousers and socks and shoes if you plan to take them into Snow World, because while they provide warm jackets, the legs are bare and the temperature inside is minus 15 degrees Celsius.

And finally, it was time to go home, which we did after checking out the Disney promotions in the mall.
Here we are.
And here's Anuradha's post on her experience. Interestingly, Phoenix Market City Kurla is the largest mall in the country, with approximately 1.3 km of floor space per floor. Make that four floors. Make that wear sensible walking shoes when you go there.

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