Friday, November 30, 2012

The brat had his PTM today...

Yes. I woke up in the morning with that same old sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, the nervousness churning the gut, the feeling that I had the Class ten board exam for Physics Chemistry and Algebra all combined in one paper today and I'd blanked out on everything I'd studied.
By the time I'd stepped into school my hands were of the level of clamminess that meant I could only nod politely at people I met. Handshaking was completely out of the question. I shimmered into the classroom with the brat, him all spit polished in his uniform and me, somberly clad in appropriate full sleeved cotton shirt with high neck and blue jeans which weren't too fitted as to render me inappropriate for school setting. I shook in leaf in high wind manner, sat before the little plastic folder containing his assessement sheets. I pulled them out in suitably nonchalant manner, there is a reason I never took to theatre or the big screen and that reason is that I cannot act. The class teacher smiled encouragingly at me, I looked at the marks. Not excellent. But good. I also learnt that absolutely zero concessions were given to him. No extra time, no reading the question aloud, no marks not cut for spelling mistakes, no one on one attention during the examination.
You could say at this point, the good old heart soared into throat and the tear glands decided to dissolve simultaneously, making all attempt at conversation an unseemly honking of nose, daubing of eyes, wondering if eyeliner was as waterproof as it claimed and unintelligible sounds from an overwrought throat. And I was also informed that his remediation sessions with the special educator will now be stopped because the school doesn't feel he needs them anymore. He can cope of his own. Only gravity and the fear of falling on my nose prevented me from doing a Mary Poppins as I heard this. Excuse me while I go off and honk nose into tissue, this is rather a proud mamma moment for me. The brat, he has come a long long way since the time the school recommended I hire a special educator to be with him through his school day.

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  1. Anonymous3:27 AM

    Kudos to brat n kudos to the brave brave momma <3