Sunday, January 12, 2014

When Pappa swam and won

The NowOfficiallyATween has never seen his father swim. Never. For all the training the father takes him to, and gives him, all the boy knows is that his father was a three time National Breaststroke champion, but given that, one fine day in a fit of ennui, the spouse asked me to throw out the three gunny bags full of medals and trophies and the many pillow cases full of certificates languishing in the loft, there was no solid proof of the fact.
So, the pappa's swimming credentials were always under the murky cloud of did he really or is he just fibbing to get me into the water. The first validation happened during the first competitive event that the boy participated in where the announcer recognised the spouse and announced to the crowd that they had an ex National Champion and the finest breast stroker the country has produced after Milind Soman in their midst today and exhorted them to applaud. The boy was wide eyed and a little sceptical. The second time round, at the ICSE Interschool competition, in an impromptu gesture, the spouse was called upon to present the medals and certificates to the winners and then too, an announcement was made about the man's achievements in the world of swimming. And finally yesterday, at an interclub competition with an open category for men under 50, the spouse was cajoled into participating.
Now, the man has not got into a swimming pool in the 24 years that I know him. If he has it just just been holiday resort, beer and swim variety of chilling. A swimming costume and a cap was hastily borrowed, the man limbered up and stepped onto the blocks. The boy was so excited to see his father swim that he ran around telling all and sundry from the club he trains at to come watch his father swimming. And his father won. Silver. This with his competition being folks who swim and train regularly everyday.

The start dive, the middle lane. Check the perfect body position. 

Here's the spouse on the victory podium.
And yes, the NowOfficiallyATween is walking around in puffed chest rooster manner. After all, he just proved MyDaddyBest.


  1. wow! A national champion...

  2. Yup, Aathira. A National Champion. And me, a totally non sporty type.