Sunday, June 15, 2014

6 Parenting lesons I learnt form my mother, my Parle G post for last week

Here are the six things my mother did when she was bringing me up that I am always grateful for. And I may not be able to do these very same things for my son, but I’m sure, I’ll get there someday.
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  1. Anonymous1:54 AM

    All I could see in this post were the words "single parent". How on earth did she do it Kiran? How on earth? Did she have close family staying closeby? Did she ever confide in your regarding her fears, who did she lean on? That my one biggest fear, having to parent alone, although I've done it physically because we had to live on separate coasts for a 3 year period and met the spouse only once in every three weeks but he was still a text message or phone call away, you know and that counts for a lot.

    Mums like your are my heroines and I'm amazed at them. Ofcourse they've been given no choice of having to become a single parent but when they do there parenting so gracefully and responsibly I bow down.

    Now I know why you come across like such a level headed, lovely person not to mention in possession of a whacky sense of humor that I'm always guffawing at your brattie posts and reading them out aloud to the hubby who also laughs along.

    You know yours along with MM's is one of the first blogs featuring parenting prominently that I began to read, way back when Krish was a cute tadpole sized critter. I'm always amazed how he's grown into this handsome, responsibly and gorgeous smile owning fella.


  2. Thanks Deepa. How did she do it? I really don't know. No, there was zero family support. In fact I was a latchkey kid, travelling from Goregaon to Bandra to school from the fifth grade on my own by public transport. I don't think I would be as strong as she was in the same circumstances. I was too young for her to confide in me, and I don't think she had any support from anyone else, you know how it is when you're down and out on your luck and financially struggling.
    Thanks for the kind words, big hugs.

  3. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Wow, again. Hats off to her and you too for turning out such a responsible kid and adult. I shudder when my brat V even tries to cross the road, shrugging off my hand to hold. I'm going to meet her when I come down to Mumbai next, if she's ok with it, of course.

    And again, the brat is a cutie. I have a slight crush on him if I may say so, don't worry, an auntie crush:-)